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For different reasons, all coaches see themselves immersed in sessions to assess the level of the players. Regardless of age, club, number of participants, etc..  The fact is that these sessions are personally very difficult for me to do and I'm always afraid to make mistakes when making my judgment. Will I know how to discriminate between good and average players? Will I overlook a talented player? What if I don't find what I'm looking for? My experience and a set of rules guide me to be wrong as fewer times as possible. In this article I'd like to help you by sharing my tips and advice so that in your upcoming trials you'll be more calm and confident and so can do a much better job.

In the four years I've been training in New Zealand, many people have approached me to congratulate us on how my players played: "These players play a different football" "We enjoyed watching your players play" "We've never seen such young children play like that before." Thankfully, there is much work behind it. Some have even asked me "what is the secret?" Well, in this article you will find links to other articles that will be a guidance that will explain what you can do to train your team and play football differently. I recommend that before you do this, if you haven't done it before, to take a look at "Beginner coaches" where you can check the basics to start coaching.

You have experience as a football coach. You've even attended courses, clinics, workshops and have a theoretical education sustaining your knowledge and allowing you to experiment and try new activities. You want to continue to deepen the knowledge and learn more about the new trends moving current football and how to coach in a more advanced, professional level.

Here I leave the links to other articles where you can find more advanced technical and tactical information about coaching. I recommend you also take a look at the following articles: "Beginner coaches" and advanced coaches”. has been developed to help improve football in New Zealand. I intend to create an online space for all the people involved in the world of football in NZ: coaches, managers, volunteers, parents and players, to consult and seek the information they need to improve their specific coaching skills and improve specific skills of football players. I want to improve the level of football in NZ.

Currently I collaborate with other webpages related to football and specific training for football, written in Spanish, with more than 2400 visits a day, 5,700 web page views a day.

The challenge for me is to write quality articles about football that are easy to understand for everyone, regardless the level and prior knowledge of football-specific fitness, sports performance, etc.

Do you find this interesting? Want to learn the secrets of football?

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