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What is my ideology of football? How do my teams play football? What is the playing style my players are developing in games? What training methodology am I following? What are my beliefs as a coach? What do I think about my players?

Next I will talk about my coaching secrets in three sections: My idea on how to play football, the methodological approach I follow in my trainings and my thoughts on the players I coach or have coached.

Before starting a match we see football players performing activities on the pitch. What are they doing, what are they doing it for? They are doing warm-up exercises.

Should these exercises always be done? Or just before each game? Is it the same thing to do any exercise?

As person: Authenticity, coherence and optimism.

As professional: Gratitude, responsibility, teach by example, achievement learning and passion.

As football coach: Excellence, respect, understanding and support, commitment, belief and entertainment.

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